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Folding Electric Bike Rental (ENVO Lynx)


Includes helmet, bell, light, rack, battery, and charger.

Our folding e-bikes allow transport in a trunk or hatch. The range on this e-bike is approximately 70 km and depends on the terrain and power assist level used.

The ENVO LYNX is a stylish, efficient and foldable electric bike – perfect for so many applications. Capable of supporting up to 130 kg / 6’4” riders, the Lynx 20 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a bike that is compact and easy to transport.

ESE – ENVO Sustainable Engineering
Compact folding electric bike
Geared motor system
Seat Tube battery
Total Weight – 22.5 kg (48.5lbs)
Max Power – 500W
Max Torque – 60 Nm
Range – 70 km
Max Speed – 32 km/h