Renting from Start to Finish

We strive to make outdoor adventures accessible, safe and enjoyable.  This is how our renting process works from start to finish.  Have questions? Use  the Contact Us page to send us an email, drop in or call us.

Start by Reserving.  Check availability using this web-site, call us or drop in at our store even last minute.  For most gear you can reserve part day, a full or multiple days with pricing based on the duration.  Tip:  Reserving in advance is best but last minute rentals are fine too - best to call or drop in for these.  Our Drop off and Pick up Service usually needs to be arranged in advance.

Plan your adventure route and gear transportation:   You have a few options:  Leave from our store in Tatamagouche (bikes only), transport gear yourself (we have a few aids such as hitches and soft racks), or use our Pick Up and Drop Off Service. 

Leaving from our store:  We are located on Main Street in Tatamagouche and both short and long bike adventures can start here.  See our page on trip suggestions for ideas.

Transporting Gear Yourself:  Try our folding e-bikes or our inflatable i-SUPS to easily take gear on the road.  We also have a limited selection of bike hitches, soft racks for vehicles and other transportation aids such as a canoe/kayak dolly.  When transporting gear yourself, you are responsible for securing gear to your vehicle.  We will lend a hand when we can based on staffing.  

Our Pick up and Drop Off Service is a customized service and we will work with you to get the details, timing and price sorted out.  Start by reserving the service by calling or using the on-line reservation  (no fee to start the reservation) and we will work with you to work out the details.  

Consider Food, Rest Stops and Safety:  Bikes have paniers, kayaks have storage areas and canoes have room for a small pack or two.  Consider your stomach and plan rest stops along your route.  Stay tuned for our picnic pack to take with you featuring local Tatamagouche specialties.  Energy bars and drinks are available at the shop. 

For safety, use appropriate safety gear and always adventure within your skill range.  Bike rentals include bells, reflectors, lights (e-bikes only),  bring your own helmets or rental one from us.  Canoe and rentals include bailer, whistle and short rope.  SUP rentals include a wrist strap.    

Fees:  Fees are based on the type of equipment, time of rental and duration.  The web-site reservations system has the fee structure built in and will calculate the fees.  The fees for the Drop Off and Pickup Service are customized and we will provide a quote once we have your trip details.  Tip:  There are discounts for renting multiple pieces of equipment at the same time and for longer durations.  These are built into the reservation engine or call us if you have a specific question or would like a quote.     

Gear Pick-Up:  If you are picking up your gear from us, visit our store location (around the back of 267 Main Street Tatamagouche on Queen St) or make your way to the drop off location if this has been arranged.  Life jackets, bikes and helmets will be fitted plus liability forms signed and safety briefing and then you can be on your way.  Tip:  Reserve life jacket sizes and helmet sized (adult or child) in advance.  These are included in the rental fee.    

During Your Adventure:  Safety is the most important factor.  If you are new to the craft or route consider bringing an experienced person along.  Have charged cell phones but be aware you may be out of cell range.  Let someone else know your route and expected return times.   If using our Drop Off and Pick Up Service, North Shore Adventure Outfitters will call your designated contact person if you are not back at the pick up point on schedule but we are not guides and can't help during your adventure.   Tip: check the weather and dress accordingly.  Cancellations due to the weather are fine.  Stay away from open water when wind is forecast.    

Gear Return:  Gear should be returned to our store (from the back entrance) and we can usually help with unloading or if using our Pick Up service be at the pick up location at the designated time.  You will need to have one able body person to help load gear then you can be on your way.  A bit of mud is fine and expected.  Please remove garbage and identify any damage or issues so we can have it repaired.   

For next time:  If we forget, ask about a coupon for a discount on next reservation.  We hope to see you again.   



Monday Special- We may be closed on Mondays, but don't worry! If you pick up your rental Sunday after 3, and bring it back to us by 9:30 on Tuesday, you can have your rental for the price of just one full day!

Want to drop off your rental outside store hours? No problem! email us at [email protected] or give us a call and we can arrange for a safe drop off!