Water Trips

Check out our suggested water trip locations, or book a water trip guide when reserving your equiptment! 

There are two main river systems running through Tatamagouche, The Waughs River, and The French River. Both are equipped to handle canoes, kayaks, and SUPs, but renters may have to be mindful of shallow spots as the tide goes out. These rivers are ideal for those who are not experienced paddlers, or for those looking for an easy, relaxing way to spend the day.

Up for a challenge? Head into the open water of Tatamagouche Bay and explore the coastlines all the way from Malagash Point to Cape John. We recommend launching from the Tatamagouche marina, or the Barachois marina (other options would be Malagash or Cape John wharfs) and head out into the bay for a day of exploring some of the most beautiful coastlines the North Shore has to offer. This option is not recommended for partial day rentals due to time restrictions, or to first time paddlers as currents and water conditions may increase the difficulty of the activity. 

Have a cottage in the area? Consider renting our equipment for the duration of your stay! If you've been considering buying a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard for your cottage on a nearby beach or lake, look no further for the perfect test run! Our rentals are able to be rented for an extended period of time, allowing you to really put them (and yourself!) to the test.