Adventure outdoors with North Shore Adventure Outfitters in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia

Rent or purchase kayaks, canoes, e-bikes and more.

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Rent a Canoe

We have a variety of Canadian made family and touring canoes from Paluski Boats.   Each canoe rental includes two paddles and a safety kit.  Life jackets, soft racks and our Pick Up and Drop off service are also offered.  

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Rent an e-bike

We feature easy to use e-bikes that allow you to pedal easy or give you a work out just like a regular bike.  Leave from our store in Tatamagouche for a short trip on the Butter Trail or arrange for a drop off at your desired location.  We have special multi-day rates if you wish to bike at your cottage or try a folding bike to pack in your car.

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Rent a Kayak

We offer Kayaks from Paluski Boats designed for easy touring in a variety of conditions.  Note that these are not designed for dangerours or open ocean situations.     Look for variations in length, stability and storage areas plus drop down skeg (fixed rudder).  

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Rent a Stand up Paddleboard

We offer a selection of boards from Rove Boards.  Models are tailored for both beginner and expeienced boarders.  Inflatable boards offers are also featured allowing easy transportation.  Included are paddles, leashes, bags.  Also available are soft racks, and our Pick up and Drop off Service. 

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Visit NSAO for Pick-ups or Purchases

Find us in Tatamagouche for your gear pick up or browse our bikes and water craft for purchase.  We are located at 267 Main Street Tatamagouche.  Find out more here...  

Visit us in Tatamagouche

Renting Tips

Reserve gear in advance for the best selection or if using our drop off or pick up service. You can also rent a bike rack, soft racks for a roof or a foldable e-bike that will fit in a car. In person pick ups are at our store in Tatamagouche. We we may be able to accommodate an early or late pick up drop off outside of store hours. For more tips click below....

Route Ideas

Where you adventure is your choice but always find a route within your level of capability and the time you have available. There are routes for bike rides right from our store simply stretch your legs or get in a day-long adventure with a picnic. For watercraft, there are points in and near Tatamagoughe for short adventures, or find a spot in the area using our suggestions and links. Click below for ideas.